PPC Management

If you are looking for ongoing PPC campaign management, let's talk. I have experience with many verticals, both for lead generation and ecommerce. Looking to expand beyond paid search advertising with Google AdWords and/or Bing Ads? Not a problem: I also have experience with Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and retargeting/remarketing solutions.

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Conversion Optimization

Bringing highly qualified traffic to your website is great, but if the conversion process (lead submission, checkout, or otherwise) is too obscure or difficult, your traffic will move on before becoming customers. For this reason, I feel that conversion optimization is an extremely important part of any online business effort. It is also a natural extension of PPC efforts - where you're paying for traffic.

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PPC Auditing

It is very easy to spend money on paid advertising, but budgets are limited, so the amount of people that we can reach is limited. Therefore, it's important to understand how your funds are being spent, and if your account is excluding traffic not relevant to your goals. If use Google Analytics, we can also ensure that your PPC traffic is properly tagged and linked to your Google Analytics account.

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